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Allocation Specialists, Ltd. (ASL)

We are a Houston, Texas based company that specializes in the administration of crude oil and NGL pipeline and platform quality bank operations. PipeX, our revenue and inventory accounting system manages oil movement activity for various pipelines and terminals within the United States. ASL also provides consulting services in pipeline operations including: control center operation, measurement, field operations and oil movement management.

ASL is an industry leader in managing quality banks for the oil industry.  ASL currently manages approximately 50+ million barrels a month in 11 platform quality banks, 25 pipeline quality banks and 3 NGL banks for the US oil & gas industry. In addition, ASL provides scheduling and accounting services for 41 pipelines in the Gulf of Mexico, California, West Texas and North Dakota accounting for approximately 15.7 million barrels a month.

ASL is an industry leader specializing in the administration of crude oil and NGL pipeline and platform quality bank operations for the oil industry.


Quality Bank

ASL is a third party non-biased company that offers pipeline and platform operators a  quality bank clearing house service to insure that all shippers’ crude oil  being received and delivered into a commingled common stream pipeline system are fairly compensated  for the quality of their oil.

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PipeX Scheduling &
Accounting Services

ASL PipeX software was developed to provide oil movement services for pipelines and terminals in the crude oil industry. The software provides a full service scheduling and revenue accounting system for your oil movement requirements.

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ASL owners and staff offer over 175+ years in the oil industry of combined financial and pipeline operating experience and can provide you with our expertise and knowledge in developing your crude oil project. Once the facilities have been constructed, ASL can provide you with the services needed to operate and manage your business.

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