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piplinePipeX Scheduling & Accounting

ASL PipeX software was developed to provide oil movement services for pipelines, rail and terminals in the crude oil industry.

The software provides a full service scheduling and revenue accounting system for your oil movement needs from field run tickets, daily and monthly scheduling, loss/gain reporting, invoicing, receivables, cash management, and financial reporting.  Financial reports include revenue and throughputs by crude grade, shipper, tariff, and pipeline system.  Invoices and reports can be distributed to shippers and customers by e-mail, hard copy, or fax, depending on your needs.

The PipeX Ticket Writer program calculates field “run tickets” from meters or tank gauges. The program is based on the latest API Manual of Petroleum Measurement Chapter 11 issued in May 2004.  The program has the capability to calculate data from any pipeline or LACT meter combination you have, from gross meters to composite, temperature compensated or not.  The ticket data is uploaded to ASL’s server via secured internet for loss/gain reporting, and comparison to shipper nominations for further allocation. The data is stored on an encrypted server database, which provides you with a backup to all of your field ticket data.

The program is capable of handling a variety of different pipeline and terminal business transactions such as buy/sells, actual loss, pipeline loss allowance sales, and production allocations.

ASL has proven success of closing pipelines on time and managing receivables to optimize cash flow. We can add value to your oil movements processes and welcome the opportunity to discuss these with you.